Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Christmas Reproduction Sampler blocks.

I have been struggling this month with everything. I don't know why things have been hard to complete. I haven't had a lot of sewing or creating time so I have been struggling with what to write about in my blog post.
Today I did manage a little sewing time and I finished this month Christmas Sampler blocks. Looking through my previous posts I noticed I haven't done a single post on this project. I have mention it in passing in other posts and considering I have completed blocks 10-13. It was time to share my progress on my Christmas Sampler quilt. Here are the four blocks I have made this week.

Here is all the blocks I have made so far this year.  This project is a twelve month program and there is 35 blocks in the quilt plus a few extra blocks for a little bonus project at the end after quilt is completed.
Now I do have a few Christmas Reproduction Block of the month packages still available if you wish to join us. One of the benefits of starting now is when you get to the end of your 12 month May next year you will have some extra time to quilt and bind your quilt compare to us trying to do all that in December this year. Click over to Cynthia's Ark and click on the Blocks of the Month to purchase.

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Keep Stitching

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