Thursday, January 31, 2019

350 Block Report 2019- January

A fresh start for 2019. 2018 wasn't my year, sewing time was hard to find for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes things don't quite work out how you think they will. So here is to a better sewing year. I found counting my blocks each month useful for a few of reasons but mostly for those months where I felt I haven't achieved anything. I can look back and say to myself- yes I had a lean month, you didn't reach the target but you did do this. It counts. It also helps me make some time to sew. I try and set generally small time slots aside, so I can sew. I do seem to work better when I have a schedule. Even if it is only 20-30 minutes I am often amazed how much better I feel after I have a little sewing session when I have had a bad day or busy day. Good for the mind, heart and soul. So let the counting begin.

This month's total is 14 blocks.
I put my Fire Island Hosta quilt together. The four quarter equal 2 plus 3 borders for a total of 5 for this project.

I started my Temperature Quilt so in theory there will be a block for each week of the year. So I have 4 blocks and my legend block completed for a total of 5.


One more pin cushion pictured here with the other one I did last year.

4 large coasters for my Black and white table runner. I haven't counted the table runner as the blocks were done a few years ago so they have been counted previously.

15 blocks for a upcoming workshop project. The sub blocks were made last year. I did get some sewing done, though not counted last year. It is nice to see them coming together and boosting my January total.

So January's total is 30 blocks.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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