Wednesday, January 2, 2019

My Temperature Quilt Part 1

Yes it is time to start my Temperature Quilt. I am all set. I have pre cut some pieces ready to go. I have written down my temperature legend to keep with my project and I have decided to use the weather channels max daily temperature for our area for my readings. I did consider using our little weather station at home but is that a true reading. I have notice it can be out 5 degrees compared to other resources.
As the year started on a Tuesday and I want my blocks to run Sunday- Saturday, so the first week I thought I will have 2 neutral rectangles on the top or should I use the temperature from 2018 for the 2 spots. What do you think?

Here is my legend
9- 15 degrees Purple
16-20 degrees  Blue
21-25 degrees Green
26-30 degrees Yellow
31-35 degrees Orange
36-40 degrees Pink
40+ degrees Red

So here we go the first temperature for 1st January was 32.5 degrees. So our first block has a orange  centre. How lucky was I with that test block I can use it straight away.

 The 2nd was 36 degrees  so we will have a pink centre, point up as the temperatures are increasing.  So we will see what the 3rd brings us. By the forecast we are heading into the 40's which is good but that is Summer in Australia and it looks like it will only be 1 day as a change is due on Friday.
The flying geese block tutorial can be found here
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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