Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What Thread was I Using this Time?

To continue with my little series on what threads I am using. I have been working to finish my Tilda Club cushion project. If you haven't heard about Tilda Club, it is a bi monthly club featuring Tilda fabrics and it comes with a pattern and kit to make the project featured. January's pack is just about to arrive so there is still time to join in the fun for this year.  Click here to my website for more details or to sign up.

I was part way through this project, the piecing done and flowers were fused in place. I was ready to do the applique and finish the cushion. Anyone that knows me, knows I am not a big fan on applique and I am not a fan of seeing my stitches.  I like them to disappear, blend in with the fabric. Here I am using multi coloured fabrics and what colour would blend and disappear. There was only one choice for me and that is Aurfil's Invisible thread.

I don't use it a lot as I feel you need good light to work with it as it does disappear. I have sewn whole rows of quilting, not realising the thread had come out of the eye of the needle on the machine.
But for me this is my preferred thread for invisible applique stitching. Then you can use you preferred stitch, like the buttonhole stitch or a satin stitch or a blind hem stitch. even a zig zag works if you machine doesn't have the other stitches. Once the applique is finished I go back to my favourite 50wt for the assembling of the cushion.

Here is the cushion finished.
Now if my husband ask where his lounge cushion is, don't tell him that I borrowed it for a while. The inserts I have in the shop are too small.
I will get some the right size and retake my photo and return his cushion.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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