Monday, January 1, 2018

Project Uninterrupted 2nd Birthday

It was two years today I started our Project Uninterrupted group in store and online here on my blog and a Facebook group. There is only one requirement from you to join in. If you have sewing projects that you want to finish/work on, you can join us.
Looking back on  my 2017 list I wasn't very successful at completing enough projects off my list. In fact my list got longer. Let alone the projects I want to make and this year's shop samples. It will no doubt be a busy year. I am thinking I will need some structure to keep me on target. I do love routine so in theory I should be able to slot some sewing time in to my schedule. Why haven't I done that already. Ok I know it won't be perfect with a day job as a machine operator and running Cynthia's Ark, trying to find sewing time will be tricky. What do I mean will be tricky! It is tricky! I know, this is not a new problem for me it is an ongoing problem that I need to address if I am going to have any chance of making my list smaller.
This is what I am going to do.
I am going to set myself a challenge each month and see if I can complete it. It may only be a part of a project if the project is large or it may be completing something so I can cross it off my list. You are welcome to join me. Leave me a comment  about something you want to complete or join us in the Project Uninterrupted Group. They are joining in and challenging themselves too.

Now what is my challenge. It is this Dresden Plate Table runner. It was my English paper piecing demo project from 2017. It needs borders and then quilting.  The centres have been added.

I have selected another EPP project that has been on my list from 2015 to use for this year's demos to help me complete that one over the course of the year. There is two project on my list that are suitable so I selected the one closest to being finished.
So I am do hexagons demo's until I have finished my Forget Me Not quilt. I am 3/4 the way through this one.
As well as my challenge piece I will continue working on other projects in the background. There are days where I don't have time to sit in front of the machine and sew but on those days if I can manage some hand piecing work it will count.. The key is to sewing every day even if it only turns out to be 10 minutes of hand sewing before bed. It gets a project that little closer to completion.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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