Friday, January 5, 2018

Oh No! Project Uninterrupted Cancelled

That's right here we are on the first Saturday of the month and I have had to cancel our in store session of Project Uninterrupted due to the bad weather. Now being in South Australia bad weather in January is totally the opposite to the cold, ice and snow etc. our northern hemisphere sewing friends can be dealing with right now which we feel for them. It can still be dangerous.

Here we are having the opposite with 43 degree cel. (109+ fahrenheit) with a total fire ban for the whole state. Often you will have parts of the state under total fire ban but the whole state that is not good. It means is will be a dangerous day. Now we live a country town surrounding by farmland which can make us more vulnerable to fire as we discovered during the Pinery fires of a few years ago. We never considered us to be in a bushfire zone until then as there is no bush land /forests around us. So now we take it very serious.   Now here once you have a total ban we have 3 categories in that zone. Today the area we live in is classed as extreme that is second category  which is like sitting in a fence one side they advise you to leave for a safer zone the other side is dangerous but the least likely area to have a fire.  It is also safer to stay out of this heat too.
Now that does not mean we can't sew. We can still sew in the comfort of our homes and make some progress, as long as the power stay on. If not we will  have to go to our hand sewing project if the power goes off. That is what happened last night. Luckily we didn't have Summer School on last night or we would have be stuffed as our next project is a machine project.
Now the shop is open and I will be there hopefully working on this table runner that needs borders and finishing.
I think I have finally settled on the border fabrics which I cut last night. Just maybe I may be able to cross this one off the list. As I am finishing this post at 9 am local time it has already reach 38 degrees here.

Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching

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