Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Apron Making Session

I have had these aprons panels in the shop for a while and no one has been interested in them. I keep saying to myself I need to sew one up and maybe once people see one made up they may be more interested in making one themselves. It is a reversible apron pattern and it has the instructions on the panel which is handy. They come in two colourways - black background with flowers and the yellow background with flowers. As you can see I am using the black background version.

I wanted to see how hard it was and how long it took to make it. Now this puts me out of my comfort zone which isn't hard as I am quiltmaker and to me this is closer to clothes making than quilt making. My thought was it could be a project for my Summer School sessions. By the time I finished it, it took me just over four hours to make. Too long for a Summer Session project but it would work for a normal 4 hour workshop that I run on the weekends. In the end the pocket was the hardest part of the apron, I would of like a little more instructions on the pocket but that may have just been me and an experienced clothing maker may have breezed through that part. Overall it wasn't hard and if anyone wants to do this as a workshop let me know.

My completed apron- panel size.
The reverse side of my apron.

I have put some kits together in both colourways, the reverse fabric is different from mine. They are available in store but there is limited stock so if you want one you need to come in or ring me to purchase.

Just to proof it works. Me in the apron.
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