Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Year has Nearly Gone

It is December already. Where did the year go? So I am thinking did I complete more projects than I started or what? Did  I challenge myself this year and try new techniques and get right out my comfort zone or did I play safe? What are my plans for next year?
All these questions have been running through my head. Some have easy answers and one I don't know the answer, which worries me so what.
Yes I did challenge myself was easily answered with me venturing into the world of applique with the Road Home Row Along and taking on Pemberley as the Block of the Month for the shop and stitching it with the ladies.
 My row from the Road Home Row Along featuring Adelaide.
Note: This one isn't mine it is the sample on loan to me. I thought I would share the completed one so you know where I am going as I am still working on the centre panel.

No is the answer to completing more projects than I started. I did complete some of my long term projects but not enough of them. Some I haven't touch over this year which isn't good. Some have had progress but these will have to stay on next year's list along with some of the new projects I started and haven't finished.
A little more has been add to this one after I fixed my mistake.
This one is  now in rows.
This one I did cut the sashing strips for it but that was earlier this year.

No answer on the last question What are my plans for next year? I will have to make some firm plans soon. I do have some ideas but they need work on. There is a sew along idea, a retreat project that needs to be created, next year's Stash Bash Sewing Party project, workshops to plan and schedule, The Block Library need new blocks scheduled and more that I don't know about yet.
Tune in again for my progress update.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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