Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Reproduction Sampler

This is the first post focusing on the Christmas Sampler quilt. I have shared my block progress in my monthly 350 Block Report as the year has progressed but never as a single post solely on this project mainly because it was being created as we went. The blocks were selected the month before for the following month. Now all the blocks have been completed I thought I would share them.
Not all of these blocks will make the quilt as I only need 35 blocks. The remaining block plus a couple extra block will end up in a matching cushion I think.

Sashing is next followed by the borders. I just have to make my mind up on the second border. What I had selected arrived during the week and I am not sold on it now that I have the fabric in my hands. Don't get me wrong it is beautiful fabric but it just seems too bright for the project but I will get all the blocks together and double check it before making the final decision.
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AlidaP said...

What a happy group of holiday blocks!! Really great together, I cannot wait to see the finished quilt! Thanks for sharing!!