Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 To Do List Where did I end up with my projects.

It is the end of the year and it is time to complete 2016 To Do List and see what was completed and what needs to go on to 2017 Project Uninterrupted list.

1. My Dahlia quilt. This one I have started but there was no progress on it in 2015.
No progress except me looking at it sitting on the table.
2. Grand Illusion Mystery quilt. The has been completed and I am up to the quilting stage.
This one is completed.

3. My Aurifil block of the month from 2014. This quilt has become 3 small quilts as I am not happy how they look all together and are ready for quilting.
These 3 are completed.
4. Scrap Dance Mystery quilt. All the parts are made but I need to sew them into blocks.
This one has been completed.

5. My latest Inklingo hand piecing octagon quilt. Maybe 6 blocks made.
A couple more blocks completed. Lots still to do.
6. My black and white hexagon quilt another Inklingo project. Halfway through.
No Progress here except I did cut the next lot of hexagons out.
7. Forget Me Not Sew Along EPP hexagon quilt. Up to Step #9 which is about 3/4 through the top.
Definitely some progress but top not yet finished.

8. Allietare Mystery Quilt 2015. It is Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery quilt. 
Blocks are done and a couple of rows have been sewn.

9. Quiltmaker's 2015 New Year's Mystery Quilt. Blocks are made.
This one is finished.

10. Vacation Time 2015 Block of the Month. Halfway through the blocks.
No progress.
11. Circle Chic quilt. I have decided I am going to baste the quilt with the circles in place and quilt them in place.
This one is completed. Completed picture coming in a separate post soon.

12. Bitty Blocks from Quiltmaker blog. I'm just over halfway through the blocks.

No progress

13. Paper piecing Quilt Along. I started this one hoping to improve my paper piecing I made 1 block and cut lots in preparation but couldn't find time to work on it.
No progress
14. Craftsy 2015 Block of the Month I think I made 2 blocks. Kept meaning to cut the next blocks out but it never happened. This is block 1 no photo of block 2. Oh boy.
No progress
15. My Victorian Fling Quilt which I had forgotten all about until I was looking for something else, which I didn't find. 
Halfway through quilting it.

So in the end 7 projects were completed but there was a few more started and completed  and some started and not completed. You will be seeing them add to the 2017  list with the remaining projects from this list.
Unfortunately 6 projects not touched over the year, that is not good. This is the one that worries me the most. What to do with them? 
 Lastly 3 projects that have had some progress, though nowhere near completion. In my defence of these last 3 projects they are my hand piecing projects so progress will naturally be slower but really this slow. One didn't have a stitch sewn.  Tune in for 2017 To Do List I think it will be scary. To me at least.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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