Thursday, June 16, 2016

Salisbury Craft and Hobby Fair Round Up

At the weekend I attended the Salisbury Craft and Hobby Fair which I have done for over 10 years. Things sure have changed in that time. Some good, some bad. That is life you take the ups with the downs.
 I have a real soft spot for this event it was the first big fair I tried. So even with attendance down over the last couple of years I still have gone to sell my wares. One of the things I love about this one is my spot. I am along a wall with a railing high enough that I can hang quilts along. This year I had the beautiful Pemberley Quilt (on loan to me) hanging there. She was eye catching to put it simply. There centre stage you couldn't miss her.

A few English paper piecing demonstrations using some of month #1 fabrics from our All Over the Octagon Fabric Club.
Thomas was popular with the kids that all the panels sold out leaving 3 kits only. They are part of the Quick Quilts series.

There was plenty on offer but fabric was the most popular.

Of course this little giraffe Raff was a big hit. So I have kitted it up with the pattern so you can make one yourself in this colourway.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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