Wednesday, June 1, 2016

350 Block Project 2016 - May's Report

This month's total is 30 blocks.

I started by finishing the 4 blocks from April's  clue for the Scrap Dance Tango mystery quilt.
Plus all 8 of May's blocks  are done.

Also I hand pieced 1 more of these octagon blocks. I need to cut some more out when I find the bag with the fabric in.

Also one octagon from the All Over the Octagon Club.

3 more Christmas Sampler blocks done.

I promise you I did finish this block I just forgot to take the photo.
Plus another 2 pieces of my hexagon quilt.

We had a testing day to make up some workshop samples using a new Crazy patch template set. 16 blocks later plus some sashing I ended up with this piece. It is completed so my good friend can use it for the workshop. 20 for this one. It help heaps to my monthly total.

This month I made  39 blocks. Thank goodness for the last project or I would not of made it.
Until Next month
Keep Stitching

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