Monday, June 13, 2016

Pattern testing Raffe the giraffe

I am pattern testing Funky Friends Factory Raffe the Giraffe pattern as I had a special order for a finished one. Now I don't normally make them for the customer but this was a special case. Below is my shop sample that was made for me.
Fabric cutting under Raffe' s supervision.
He is starting to take shape. He isn't too hard to make as long as you follow the instructions. I found it helpful to have the pattern pieces on hand.
Finally got all the pieces together, no leftovers. So I must of got it right even though I did see the back legs on the wrong sides. When I matched the fabric up to the legs they didn't match up. This straight told me I had sewn them on the wrong way. Really it was an easy fix. The hardest part was sewing the hoofs in.
Nearly finished here.

And here he is completed. He was a little easier to make then Larry the lion but both are achievable for an experienced sewer.
He has now left me for his new home but I have kitted him up in this fabric with a pattern if you are tempted to make one like mine. Available at Cynthia's Ark.
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