Monday, June 27, 2016

Retreat Round Up

Our Quilting Retreat is officially over for another year. Sad feeling all around I think. Time to go home and back to the real world. There is always a few things you can count on when we heading up to Nunyara Conference Centre for our annual retreat. Firstly all the ladies attending this retreat.  They are a great bunch of ladies. Lots of work went into setting everything up. There is always plenty of laughs and stories shared. There is some of us that only catch up on this weekend so it makes it a special time.  Plus we never go hungry with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. There is plenty on offer.
This year I was the shop for the retreat, which was very exciting. Even though Friday didn't go to plan, when I couldn't get the car started out the front of the post office and had to call for assistance. I was worried that if it was serious I wouldn't have made to the retreat but I was back on the road an hour later. In the end I was running a little late but I was happy to be loaded up and heading on my way. Luckily two of my closest friends had a backup plan in place just in case I was car less. Thank you to them for being prepared.

I took six projects with me, three from my Project Uninterrupted list and three newer projects. Now my Project Uninterrupted project were in various stages of completion but the aim was to get them to the quilting stage for next weekend. Here is the link to the previous post on them. In the end my Scrap Dance Mystery quilt has made it to the quilting stage along with my Quiltmaker New Year Mystery quilt. So I will prepare them for quilting during the week.

The third one is my Forget Me Not quilt I have made some progress but not as much as I hoped. Then again it is English Paper piecing.

The three newer projects included my Victorian Chest quilt, let's just say I touch it but I didn't sewing anything on it. I did finished off a replacement Raff the giraffe for the shop and I did stitch a  tiny bit of my Pemberley BOM.

Progress may not have been as much as I hoped but I did run a full day workshop on Saturday on my newest pattern the Tea Party Table Topper so there wasn't much sewing for me but I did enjoy running a workshop and the progress the ladies made was great. We even had a completed Tea Party Table Topper by Sunday, thanks to Barbara and Liz is turning hers into a cushion so it won't take her long to finish hers.

So until next time we head off together for another adventure we returned to our normal lives for the time been.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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