Saturday, May 30, 2015

Unfinished Projects- I need to finish something.

This week I have been working on ........................ It turns out not a lot on the sewing machine. I am hoping June will provide me with some more sewing time. I have a number of new projects I want to start on, plus I want to finish half a dozen projects they are either ready for quilting or just need borders.
So what I have done is selected 3 quilts that I am going to try finishing during June.
I just need to do the binding on my Pies & Tarts quilt now that I have finished the hand quilting.
My Lozenge quilt is ready for quilting and I have decided on the quilting so lets get the quilt basted so I can do.

Lastly my Inklingo star quilt is ready for quilting I am still haven't decided on how I am going to quilt it but then again I can't think what to call this star quilt but at least I can get it basted ready for quilting.

So let's see how I go during June. I know there are other deadlines I need to meet in June so I can't promise all three will get finished but at least I have made the commitment to try.
 Join us in finishing something in June.

Until next time
Keep Stitching

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