Thursday, May 21, 2015

Under The Pressure Foot #2

Welcome to Under The Pressure Foot this week. This week I have been focusing on finishing borders and tops, so some quilt tops get completed, ready for quilting. There are a few too many unfinished projects here and I really feel I need to complete some as I start new ones or at least looking at starting new ones.

The first one doesn't have any borders but the rows needed to be joined together on my leaders and enders Challenge from last year.  A great experience with scrappy. I still can't bring myself to be totally cool with completely scrappy but I am happy with what I refer to as controlled scrappy. On my lozenge quilt I was able to control the quilt with matching corners on each block. So the light pair matched and the dark pair matched. I think this is my happy scrappy place. You can just see my matching corners on these block, the dark corners really show it.

My Lozenge blocks altogether finally. So it is ready for quilting. I am thinking of some matchstick quilting in a black and white variegated thread.

Last week I shared the progress on my latest Inklingo quilt with joining the blocks together. So now I am up to the borders. In the end I decided on 1 border in the darker pink. It was an easy finish  once I had the cutting worked out as it is a directional print.
A close up that could've been closer  below.
Not sure how I'm quilting this one but I know it needs to be finished by the end of June so I can use it as one of my Inklingo display quilts on my stall at the Adelaide Sewing Stitching and Handcraft Show in July.
I will let you know what I do.
Until Next time
Keep Stitching

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