Monday, May 11, 2015

Fab Box #2 Project- Evening Bloom Table Runner Tutorial

Evening Blooms Table Runner

Materials                                                                                    1 x Evening Blooms Fab Box or 5 x 2 1/2’ co-ordinating strips (WOF)                13 x 27' Batting                                                                            13 x 27’ Backing Fabric                                                                General sewing supplies (sewing machine, thread, pins etc)                    
 Easy Angle Ruler                            
Let’s start. Choose one strip for your binding and put aside. (I selected the black strip). Lay out your 4 strips as per picture.

Take the 2 middle strips out and pair them together right sides together. Use an Easy Angle Ruler and cut 8 sets of triangles.

Sew your triangles together creating 8 half square triangle units. Press to the darker fabric. Layout your HST units as per picture.

Sew your row of squares together. This is the centre of your table runner.

Measure and cut 1 strip x 16’ each from your HST strips to go either side of your HST strip. Sew them on and press seams to the outer strips.

Cut 1 x 6 ½’ each strips from your HST strips and sew them on to the sides. Press to the outer fabrics.

Cut 1 x 20’ strip of each from the next 2 fabrics and sew them on. Press toward the outer border.

Cut 1 x 10 ½’ of each of second strips and sew them on the sides. Press towards the outer border.

This completes the top of your table runner. Cut your backing fabric and batting/wadding approx. 27 x 13’. Lay your backing fabric out (right side down) secure it with clamps or tape, then the batting goes on top followed by your table runner top. Make sure you smooth each layer as you go so you don’t have any lumps. Baste with safety pins or for small project you can use baste spray glue and quilt as you like. I used the diagonal lines of the HST units to guide my diagonal quilting line across the whole table runner.
Now for the binding I randomly cut the black strip and sewed  the remaining strips alternately with the black strip. You will not be able to mitre your joins as there is not quite enough fabric left to mitre all your joins. Trust me I started and quickly realised I was going to be short.  Stitch the binding to the front of your quilt (folded edge facing in), mitring the corners and join. Trim the backing and batting to ½ inch from your binding stitching line. Fold the binding over the raw edges enclosing them hold in place with binding clips and stitch it in place on the back of your quilt with a matching thread. Finish your quilt with a label.
Finished size: 24 x 10 ½’                     

  Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this pattern. However the designer has no control over the choice of materials or procedures used, no responsibility will be taken or results guaranteed.                                                                    This table runner was designed by Cynthia Woodham for Cynthia’s Ark. This pattern is personal use only, not to be copied in any form unless you have permission from the designer. Copyright © Cynthia’s Ark 2015
This is all the fabric I had left from the Fab Box.

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