Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge #2

We are up to our second block in our Rainbow Scrap Challenge. It is the card trick block which I couldn't believe when I saw it as I was playing with this block last weekend. It is a block I have been want to make so I was doing some block testing and I was using blue scraps to make it. It is a shame it was the wrong size or I could of add the sawtooth star border and I would of been finished already.

That is ok because I used a different method so I can use my Easy Angle & Companion Angle rulers this time to make my block.
 I am thinking this year might became the year I try as many different techniques to make blocks as I can find. So if the is 3 ways to make a block I will try them all and see which one I like best. I will share my experiences good or bad, which one I liked the best and which ones I will never use again.
I can tell you the 2 ways I made this block worked out well. The first one (above) I just made HST units for the corners and used my 6 1/2 x 12" ruler to cut squares then cut the squares into triangles for the rest. For my RSC block I used my 2 speciality rulers and they were easy to use as well. This block can be made either way with easy.
Anyway back to this post and my card trick block. I attack my batik stash for some more blues which there is plenty of. Once i had the fabric I cut what I needed and laid it out on my board. The post said double check your placement before sewing together, so I snap a photo just in case.

 I sewed it together, pressed the block, checked my size, then I looked at it closely. Something is not right. Bugger! I look at the photo then I spotted it. Time to pick up the seam ripper and fix my mistake. Have do I that?

Here is the block made up before the sawtooth star border attached after I fixed it.
Here is my second completed block of this challenge.
While I was writing this blog post and adding the pictures I notice the different placement in the two blocks. I was happy with my block when I finished it, now I'm not sure. I like the top block better once I compared the 2 blocks though I still like the other one. I suppose I could alway remake it later if it is a problem.

 I am finding this an exciting project and I look forward to the next block and then next month the new colour. I can't wait to see which one is next. 
We are only up to block 2 so please join this challenge. It won't take you long to catch up.
Have a look at some of the other blocks completed this week at
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