Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dear Jane- The Start of a New Project

Dear Jane is a project I have wanted to tackle for a few years. It was put to one side when I got the Farmer's Wife Sampler book. My Farmer's Wife Sampler has been my major hand piecing project for the last 3 years. Now it is ready for quilting, I have found myself at a loss.  I am surprised at that. I need a new major hand piecing project to challenge me already.
Just over 1 year ago I brought The Electric Quilt Company Dear Jane software.

 I loaded on my computer and spent an evening playing with it. As a big fan of EQ7 I thought this is the best way for me to tackle this project. If I am going to do this I need to make the time  and do it. I have  already chosen to do mine in batik fabrics and I had seen some done with a dark background instead of a light background and really like how they looked. So I pick a block that I could machine piece and set to make some sample blocks so I can audition some background colors. The samples background fabrics are cream, black, grey blue and a deep purple.

 Now that my sample blocks are made I am not convinced that going dark is right for me. Which one do you like?  I need some guidance on this one please.
From top left cream and black
Bottom left purple and grey blue.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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