Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge #1

Over at So Scrappy the Rainbow Scrap Challenge has began. I found her blog during 2014 and was very interested in last year challenge but it was too late in the year to join in. So I just followed along and enjoy everyone's progress. When the  2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge was released I decided to join in this year. It is a Sawtooth Star Sampler quilt. The Sawtooth Star block measures at 12 1/2 inch unfinished.

This month's colour is blue and our first block is the Whirling Geese set in a sawtooth star block.
Here is my first block the Whirling Geese which is the centre part of the block.(6 1/2 inch)

Here is my first block set in it sawtooth star.
The background for the star points will be the same fabric throughout my project. The star points will be that month colour and the centre will be that month colour with others depending on the pattern.
There is a button in the right hand side tool bar if you want to have a look at this project or if you want to join us.
Here is the link for you to have a look at others progress.
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