Monday, December 29, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Clue #5

We are at clue #5 this week. I am about halfway through each of the clues except #2  which I am only about 1/3 away through those blocks but I will get there. I may redo some of them that I am not happy with, but we will see. This is what I have completed so far.

Now Clue #5 is a nice easy one and I can say I have completed all the blocks for Clue #5.

 The only clue completed so far. My aim has been to get as close to the halfway point as possible before the next clue is released. With clue #5 completed I can go back to Clue #4 and continue with that one as I have a number of blocks ready to sew together then I will have to go back to cutting.
Here is the link for the link up so you can have a look at how everyone else is going on their Mystery Quilt.
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