Monday, December 8, 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Clue 2

Here we are at Clue 2 already. I have pieced some of clue 1, not as many as I would have liked due to no sewing during the week but I can do some more later. Like Bonnie said do as much as you can, you can always go back and finish them later. So I am diving in to clue 2. This block looks a bit more challenging for me I will have to take a little extra care cutting these, being left handed I sometime have trouble (generally due to right handed instructions) and end up with my diamonds pointing the wrong way. At least Bonnie has thought of that and included some instructions for left handers. Thanks Bonnie.

I started with a couple of test blocks just to make sure I was doing it right before I took the plunge and got the production cutting and sewing going. I am trying to avoid too much unstitching. Lol There will be unstitching I am sure of that. 

Look what happened I still stuffed the cutting up after the test blocks. Luck I checked after the first pair so no real harm done, into the scrap bin for them.
Now the chain piecing is going after a good cutting section.

To see how the rest of the gang are doing on their GI projects here is the link to this week's link up. Quiltville

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