Thursday, April 3, 2014


The weather is starting to cool down here. Autumn has finally arrived I think and  look what has arrived.

Last week in the mail I received these beautiful skeins of wool. Each skein is different as they are blended from the ends of the runs, so the colour possibilities are endless. They are wool blended with alpaca and llama, so the finished product has a soft finish. I wish you could feel how soft they feel. I knew I had to stitch something from this shipment for myself and as the Laura
Folk Fair is on this weekend it had to be quick. So what do I knit? A scarf! I know it isn't very exciting but it is quick and people can see how the colours blend. So I chose my favourite colourway, that is the hardest part of the whole process as I love them all. Also I have been wanting to try bamboo knitting needles for a long time but it has been a while since I have knitted anything so I finally got to test them too. The scarf is coming along and the needles are a breeze to use and the wool is easy to handle and knits up beautifully.

If I get enough interest in this product I will ordered a larger batch and upload them on to our shop so let me know what you think and if you are going to the Laura Folk Fair in Laura, South Australia stop in at stall #86 for a close up and check out my sample. I hope I can finish in time, if not you may find me working on it at the fair.
Until next time 
Keep Stitching

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