Monday, April 7, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along #3

This week we get to piecing our triangles into rows. After a busy weekend at the Laura Folk Fair. I finally got to my sewing machine Monday afternoon for a couple of hours. Following Paula's instructions I was pairing my triangles in no time. I don't know why I hadn't made a triangle quilt sooner. It is easier than I thought is was going to be, as long as you are paying attention to what you are doing with the up triangles and the down triangles. My first four triangles joined together.

The angles of the pieces when you join them together is interesting. I had to unpick a couple of times as I sewed them into wedges instead of rows. When I sew this seam and press it, it will form a row as below.

My first four rows sewn ready for our next step of joining the rows together. If I get some free time this week I will try to sew some more rows up ready, as there is 8 more rows to go.

Have a look at some of the other Triangle quilts.

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