Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along # 4

This week we are joining our rows together. As I have been time poor I only had 4 rows ready to join. So I followed the instructions and before I knew it I have the four rows joined together. There was a couple of intersections that didn't quite match perfectly but then again this is my first time sewing a triangle quilt. So I will try to take a little more care on the next set of rows I join.
I saved this post and didn't publish it right away as I thought I may find some time on Tuesday/Wednesday afternoon/evening to sew a few more rows and add them to my first set, as I saw a number of completed tops I was feeling a bit too far behind to post it as is. It is now Wednesday night and as you can see I didn't get any more rows joined but I did manage to get a couple rows completed but I ran out of bobbin thread and  I thought it was time to rest. So I will need the catch up week to catch up. Fingers crossed I make it.

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