Friday, April 11, 2014

A new situation for me.

Something happened at Laura Folk Fair that has never happened before that I am aware of. As you can see I had some of my quilts hanging in the stall, some were advertising kits I have for sale and a large hexagon quilt (Grandma flower garden) to demostrate what can be achieved with batik fabrics and possible upcoming pattern. Now we had a couple stop just outside the stall and the gentleman started snapping photos using his camera. I called out Excuse me! How about asking permission before taken photos? They didn't respond at first so I repeated myself louder and the gentleman just walk off and I said to the lady You should of asked first before taking photos of someone hand work. She just muttered something under her breath and walked off. I would of let them take some photos if they had asked first I just found them very rude to take the liberty they did. LSH (my long suffering husband) who saw this has suggested I make a sign up for future events. Not sure what to write or what I need to put in the sign. Has this happen to anyone else  and what have you done about it. Would a simply sign stating "Please ask for permission first before taking any photos" be of any use or do I need to be firmer and state " Please don't take any photos if you like what you see buy a pattern or kit" I would love some feedback on this topic as I have a number of events coming up and I don't want  a repeat of this incident.   Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as I would love to hear from you.
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