Friday, January 31, 2014

Building Blocks Quilt - 2014 Free Motion Quilt Along #4

This weeks quilting lesson was spirals. They gave me some problems I just couldn't find a happy medium. I was going too fast or too slow, my hands weren't working with the sewing machine. Maybe I should of stopped more often but when I did I ended up with little pointy bits. This was the hardest one so far. 

                                    This weeks block all done, with all my problems. More practise time please.

Out of the 3 blocks we have completed I was most happy with the second one (gridlines) It was so cool stitching the lines free motion rather than using walking foot.
I look forward to next week lesson when we piece the next 3 blocks.
You can see how other quilters are going via this link.
Until next time keep stitching

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