Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 In Review

Before I can make up my to do list for 2014  What did I achieve in 2013.  In 2013 I wanted to finish some on going projects and there was some new projects to tackle. The list wasn't long but the unfinished projects was at 9. I needed to get this part down of the list down, 5 just needed quilting and binding.  A red, blue and cream quilt that half the blocks were completed but I decided the quilt was too big and put it to one side.  A pile of log cabin blocks that I had foundation pieced just sitting there. My first Inklingo project The Secret Garden quilt and the pink star quilt which I had the fabrics and created the pattern but had not started.
So where did I end up by the 31st December 2013. I started with 5 quilts that only needed quilting and binding 3 got done on the machine but I am still hand quilting my Pies & Tarts quilt and a hexagon quilt that  I haven't touched.
 Next was my first Inklingo quilt. This one was a new technique that I wanted to try that I started.  I was hand piecing this one as I needed a portable project while we were on holiday. This was completed, all hand pieced, machine quilted and including binding.
The red, blue and cream one I managed to resize some of the blocks as the ones I had completed were in 3 different sizes and created a new layout.  So this one gets added  to my 2014 To complete List with the other 2.
Next was the Pink Star quilt, I had to get this one done as it was for someone else and I was dragging my feet. Why I don't know but I tackled it and got it completed and delivered it before Christmas.
Finally my log cabin blocks, I made more blocks and after trying many different layouts.  I made my decision and started to sew 4 single blocks together into 1 so now I have a pile of larger blocks.
The size of the quilt has been set at 42 blocks (6 across and 7 down) and I only have 4 large blocks to complete before I can start sewing the rows together. It won't take long to finish.
Plus there was a number of baby quilts made for sale, 4 new baby quilt kits created and samples completed during the year, so there is 3 projects that make the 2014 To Complete List with my Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt, my Farmers Wife sampler and my Double Wedding Ring quilt I only started in October. So that is a total of 6 projects on this list to complete in 2014.
Now I need to work out what goes on my What I want to Try in 2014 list.
Until Next time keep stitching

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