Friday, January 3, 2020

My Word of the Year

 I have chosen a word of the year a few times but the last couple of years I haven't found the right word. I have seen a number of posts about this recently, and had thought I would not bother. What word to use is too hard a question for me.
Until today I had a couple of things that happened and after the first incident,where I walked pass my friend's house. I commented to her that maybe I need to choose the word focus as my word of the year.
I had time to think about it and and come to realized that maybe it could help as I have found myself being pulled between jobs and not sure which one is more important or that fact that maybe trying to do 2-3 jobs at once is not the way to go. If I focus on one job and completed by it, would I get more jobs done. Do you work on one thing at a time or are you like me working on a few things at one time.
So my word will be FOCUS for 2020. We will see what happens  to see if I can streamline things and stay focus on the jobs that need to be done. I have started.
I purchase a small diary for my workshops, previously I kept the details on the computer. That sounds good, but I found at times the computer wasn't on when I took the booking and then just wrote it on loose pieces of paper. You should of seen the used paper I throw out when I did a tidy up over the Christmas break.
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Marjorie said...

I am quite anal when it comes to making lists. Note taking is all done and then usually I transfer my notes to a book dedicated to one project