Friday, December 20, 2019

Planning Party 2020

It's that time of the year where we wonder what happened to 2019. Hopefully we did achieve more than we realise. I know I have come up short. My UFO pile doesn't seem to be getting shorter, but has it grown longer will be the question. My other downfall is I do put too much on my list to do. I am not being realistic on what I can achieve with my time. I do have a part time job (most of the time but not at this time of the year more like full time) plus I run my quilt shop Cynthia's Ark (shop front and online store) too.
Here you go, a selfie of me in the shop in case you are wondering who I am.
  I think my problem is that I like to start project. I get inspirated with something new and the next minute I am walking down a different project path and another new project is add to my list.
I ran a Fractured Paintbox workshop recently and a student mistake has sparks a design element for a quilt project I have to make in 2020.   At least it is a project I am already making and not a totally new one. Some days I think I am a lost cause. Lol!  But I love it.
 This is my Fractured Paintbox workshop sample ready for quilting. So the new one will be very different if it works out how I think it will.

So what is instore for 2020 here in my crazy little world!  The biggest thing on my agenda is the Quiltworx projects I need to complete as I work towards becoming a Quiltworx Certified shop. I have a deadline and a plan of 1 project a monthInstr gives me 1 month extra up my sleeve in case of an emergency and I lose my way. Which is possible, remember I am easily distracted.

I have plans in the pipeline for hosting 2 retreats in 2020, our annual Project Uninterrupted UFO one in September and a new one where I will be teaching a project. So that will be interesting and exciting.

More days in the shop is also on the cards. I have planned some time off in January with a trip away. January is a quiet time here as it tends to be too hot to do much, then again February can go the same way. Though by February most people are back at work and school is back, so life tends to settle down to our normal routines.

Three new Block of the months will be happening here too. All a little different hopefully to inspire and you will want to give one a go.  One is about to ready for sign ups, and starting early in 2020 and the another two won't be starting until the middle of the year.

I have linked my post with Quilting Jetgirl post, so pop over and check out what everyone is planning for 2020. Join in if you like. It is looking like 2020 will be a blast.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching


CathyC said...

sounds like a good plan Cynthia :) looking forward to hearing more!

Rachel said...

Good luck in the new year! Enjoy your time off in January.

Danice G said...

Best wishes for 2020. Will be back to check out your block of the month.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I hope you get some enjoyable time off and can achieve your certification easily next year!