Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Our Anniversary Trip - Paris

We are off on a trip to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Our first stop was Singapore. Sorry no pictures as they are on the camera.
Next stop was Paris, France, the camera die so I have swapped to my tablet so I can share some pictures. Paris hasn't been smooth sailing arriving to rain, wind and the cold. Then we had an electrical problem in our room so they moved us to a new room which turned out to have a water problem. In the end we ended up in a different hotel.
 The view from the first room.
The Eiffel Tower  you should have seen the line up to get in.
 Notre Dame Cathedral this was the high light of our day.
 The model of the cathedral.
One of the doors on exiting the cathedral.
The Panthon which was closed due to a public holiday along with a number of other places. It was a surprise to find most of Paris closed. They are always saying how backward Adelaide, South Australia is compared to other places that we were very surprised by this.

Our new view from our new hotel which is a sister hotel to the first hotel we were booked in it. 
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