Friday, May 4, 2018

Our Anniversary Trip- Paris Part 3

Can you believe it? Me finding a Chocolate museum down the road from where we are staying.
 It went through the history of chocolate and how it became what it is today. Very interesting stuff and along the way there was taste tests for us to try how the chocolate tasted throughout history too.

You don't get chocolate boxes like this anymore.

 We watched a video on how this flower was made.
 Chocolate Art Sculptures
 How fantastic are these.
Now these shoes I would have loved to bring a couple of pairs home for a couple of my cousins who love shoes. Sorry girls they wouldn't let me.

Finally we sat in a session with a professional chocolate maker. Ian (LSH) wasn't that impressed but I set him straight, it's good to know that I am doing it right when I make chocolates. Something I should do for some fun when I get home. To finish the tour we got a hot chocolate to finish,  there was six flavours to choose from.
I can tell you they were delicious. I only wished we could have had two to try. Never mine.
I did do a little sewing in the evening and finished one block of a new project.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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