Thursday, May 3, 2018

Our Anniversary Trip - Paris Part 2

After visiting the Louvre on day one and finding it close we went back today early and ended up spending the day there. I hope we saw everything. The galleries seen to go on and on and when we thought we reached the end we would turn the corner and find another gallery.
 A view from our spot in the line. We were there early so it wasn't too long. We were surprised it was reasonable to get in.

Some tile samples from the Islamic Art exhibit which I found very interesting.

 A larger tile display. Once again it took a couple of shots to get no one in my picture. It was easier than the Mona Lisa shot as it was earlier in the day.
 One of the many painting galleries.
 My favourite painting.

The ceiling in one of the galleries.

 The Court yard from inside the Louvre.
 A staircase and a new gallery to view.
 Seeing the Mona Lisa was a highlight but to take the shot with out a head took a bit of elbow work. There are some people out there that need a slap as they take forever taking a selfie.
 One of the long gallery halls. There was a number of them.
Look at the wear on these stairs. How many people how walked these stairs? I tell you it was hard to find our way out when we were finished.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching
PS I have been doing a little stitching in the evenings.

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