Friday, October 9, 2015

Quilting Star

I have been doing some English paper piecing lately and I have been sewing along with the Fat Quarter Shop EPP Sew Along on Instagram using the beautiful blues from Katagami range of fabrics..

We are up to the quilting stage of the project. I pinned it on Monday ready for quilting I was hoping one night during the week I would find some free time but it didn't happen.
It was Friday night before I could sit down in front of the machine and tackle this one. I will have to find some serious sewing time  before the end of October as I have 2 project which deadlines are the end of the month. Plus there is one I really need to start on which has a December deadline. Oh boy! I will need to hustle to achieve these deadlines.

I am using a variegated thread for the star and doing some simple straight quilting over the star. Who chose this thread? It was one problem after another but maybe I should of stopped when I got a big bird's nest thread tangle when I was winding the bobbin and picked something else. There is no shortage of threads for me to choose from. Now it is a synthetic thread but I really like the sheen and the colour, plus I have used it before as a quilting thread but I don't remember having problems. As I continued, it was coming off the spool loosely and the machine kept coming unthreaded and a had a few more tangles to deal with. Luckily it is only a small project so I was able to complete the star. The problems I was having influence my choice to change threads when I was ready to quilt the background. I went back to my Aurifil cotton, this time I have selected the #2021 in the 40 wt,  it is part of my Cynthia's Ark Batik Bright Thread Club(You can start your collection at Cynthia's Ark ) and away I went quilting to my heart's delight.

 Normally you would quilt it all then trim it back to the size that you want but I knew my piece was 3-4 inches bigger and I didn't want to waste the thread and my time quilting it all only to cut it off, so once the quilting reached the size I wanted I cut it down to the finished size and then I only had to fill in the corners to complete it. I am so pleased how it has turned out.

Now to the binding I am thinking of one of the darker blues for the binding.
What colour would you choose from the fabrics in my project?
All these fabrics are available online and in store at Cynthia's Ark
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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