Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fully Stacked - All Bricked Up #2

We have reached the last day of our Fully Stacked weekend. It has been a blast online and in store. We have had a lot of new visitors to the shopfront which has been great. So for today the quilt release is a pattern I had updated. All Bricked Up #2.

 It was one of my earliest patterns I wrote and it used a couple of charm square pack. This time I have use a 10' Stacker pack The Quilted Fish Madhuri Stacker pack and cut it up to create a more random look to the final design.

 By updating the pattern it is now available in PDF format and paper copy and they are full colour instructions. The original pattern is still available if you prefer a more structural layout to your quilt. Remember all the patterns I have release this weekend are on special until midnight tonight at Cynthia's Ark and to 4pm in store in Mallala.
Plus place an order to get a ticket in the raffle and to enter your quiz answers in the comments box to win. Visit in store(7 Wasleys Rd Mallala South Australia 5502 and make a purchase to get a ticket in the raffle and to hand in your quiz answers to win. At the moment in store visitors are leading as quiz winners.

Until Next time
Keep Stitching

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