Friday, September 18, 2015

My Farmer's Wife Quilt Update

This one has taken a while to get quilted as I kept chance my mind machine quilting or hand quilting? Followed by the question do it myself or hand it over the the long arm quilter.
I can tell you it was quilted by Valerie from House of Valerie with a beautiful baptise fan all over design.

Which I love. I laid it out on the floor in the shop and it only just fit in the space left. The first thought that crossed my mind was Who the hell was I kidding to consider quilting this myself? I could of had this quilt finished earlier in the year if that thought had crossed my mind earlier. I do like to quilt but looking at all my hand pieced blocks I don't think my quilting skills would of done it justice. Let alone the idea of quilting this monster on my domestic machine. This has to be the largest quilt I have made in my 9 years of quilting. Not a good picture it is just too big to take a picture of it inside and outside has not been suitable to take it out there. I will take it out for a better photo once I finish it to share with everyone.

Now that I have it back and it ready for binding I got caught on a little snag. Where is the binding fabric? Which was followed by Did I buy any binding fabric for this quilt? Oh boy! This quilt is not going to be finished this week.

 Now thinking back I remembered I could only get enough red fabric for the borders and I even made the borders 1/2 inches smaller just to make sure. The sashing fabric is another matter I don't remember if I had planned to use it for the binding or not, either way I don't have enough to use it. I put a call out for help and my friend Maureen who has been stitching her Farmer's Wife quilt along side me has a piece of the sashing fabric in her collection. I'm sure we can do  a trade but it still leaving me 1 x  2 1/2' strip short.

 What I need to know is what would you do?
Option 1 - Go shopping and buy a different fabric to binding it with?
 Option 2 - Should I reduce the width of my strip to 2 1/4' to get the extra strip?
 Option 3  Use the backing fabric leftovers?
Let me know what you would do to help me out.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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