Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stripes! Who loves them?

Stripes are everywhere. I have a love hate relationship with our friend the stripe. I would say I hated stripes until my mid thirties. I just didn't like them anywhere and especially not on fabric. You wouldn't catch my wearing stripes. Nearly 10 years down the track I love stripes everywhere I see them and yes especially on fabric. You would be surprised how many stripe shirts I have in my wardrobe now.(7)
So what happened I hear you ask? I discovered patchwork and quilting and before I knew it I was putting stripes in to my projects and asking myself why don't I like stripes they are not boring and ugly. They add interest to a quilt especially when you used it for the binding.   Not long in to my quilting journey we make a Trip around the world quilt as a class project I picked a stripe for the border fabric and I haven't looked back. I found a piece of that stripe fabric I used in that Trip of the World quilt. It is a very interesting stripe. This piece will end up in my lozenge scrap quilt. It is the last piece left.

 They can be very striking and no they don't make everything look short and fat. Oh that is when I wear them the wrong way. My favourite way to use a stripe fabric is as the binding. So if I see a stripe in a fabric range I am interested in I automatically buy some for the binding at least. But I have been thinking what else can I use a stripe for? Borders maybe I did it once! Last year I participated in the Layer Cake Sampler Quilt Along and I used a layer cake that had a number of stripe in (A civil war reproduction range 1862 Battle Hymn) and the effects they created in the blocks when we cut them up was a real eye opener and I found myself playing with them arrange them into their own little patterns.Just 4 of the blocks that had stripes in them.

 So the plan is to play with some more stripes and see what surprises happen. Plus you know my love for batik fabrics,  in the shop I have 6 stunning batik stripes in stock currently.
Here is 4 featured in this picture.
Here is one I used in my disappearing hourglass quilt.  Stay tuned in for a progress report in the near future including a new quilt using stripes currently in the design pipeline.

What is your favourite use for a stripe?

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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