Wednesday, February 11, 2015

January's Bitty Blocks- Bow ties

This year Quiltmaker's  blog Quilty Pleasures has been one of my favourite places to visit.I have been participating in their New Year Mystery Quilt and now I have started the Bitty Blocks challenge as well. Both have small blocks in them and I think it was time I tackled smaller block in my quilting life. I seem to work  with larger pieces I must of been thinking smaller block will take to long to make a quilt. Why I am in such a hurry? I think it is because I am time poor. Now this is an issue that I am working on this year. Time issues. So it is TIME to make time and enjoy the process of making something without rushing. So Bitty Blocks is it, small blocks to challenge me and scrap busting at the same time. I probably won't keep up as it is already February and I haven't finished all my Bow tie blocks from January but that is OK I will get there when I get there, especially if I continue making more blocks than required for the final project. I got carried away when I was cutting the blocks and I couldn't just throw them in the bin. I am sure I can do something with them later.

Here is the link to the Quilty Pleasures blog if you want to join in.

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