Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Cynthia's Ark Aurifil Batik Bright Thread Club is here.

As part of Australian Machine Quilting Festival we launched our Aurifil Batik Brights Thread Club (starting December) which is now available to sign up for in the web shop. Each month you receive six 150 metre spools of Cotton Mako NE 40 weight cotton plus with your first month you receive a personalised box to keep them in as pictured. This weight cotton is perfect for sewing batik fabrics with.

The cost is $39 plus postage for the first month then a flat $39 per month (for Australia) for the next 11 month to complete your set of 72 spools  Aurifil cotton which has been selected to go with our  beautiful range batik fabrics we stock. 
Email us at  if you live outside Australia and want to join our thread club and I will work out the cost for you.
Until next time
Keep Stitching

PS You can join this club at anytime to start your collection so don't worry if you couldn't join the first group starting in December. 

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