Thursday, October 30, 2014

Globetrotting Block of the Month #10 - Part 1

This month Pat Sloan has given us the corner blocks and borders instructions to finish our quilt tops off. Let’s just say I haven't quite got the top finished yet but I thought I will still posted what I have done. The corner blocks are done and I have joined the blocks together with their sashing strips. I did move some of the blocks around as the 2 lighter blocks were too close together. So I have the 2 borders left to do. I think it will have to wait until the weekend as the outer border is pieced and I will need some time to work it out. The border uses 2 fabrics which I have but when I look at them together I think they look too similar and the 2 tone border may not be noticeable. That is my biggest fear. I have seen some completed tops that have more than 2 colours in their outer border. So I might look at using some of the fabrics left over from the blocks to add to the border to give it the contract it needs.

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