Friday, October 31, 2014

Aurifil's October Block of the Month

Here we are at the end of October and just in the nick of time I manage to get my Aurifil block done. It turned out to be an interesting block especially with the stripe in it. I didn't think about it when I cut the fabric but wow it sticks out and there was no plan for it to be there. With the stripe there and in the very corners of the block it would make an interesting quilt pattern with the right stripe fabric.

 This block of the month project has been a scrappy project, one of two projects (the other is my Leaders & Enders Challenge) where I was taking on my fear of scrappy quilts. I love to look at them but my fear of using lots of different fabrics in one project has held me back from doing one myself. I think I just don't know if I have the colour instinct to get the pattern to work out. We will see how things turn out when I piece the blocks together in both projects. 

All my Aurifil blocks so far, not sure how they will go together. When I laid them out I noticed two fabrics that have end up in 2 blocks. Interesting.

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