Saturday, October 25, 2014

Batik Rainbow Fabric Club Update

The early evening view outside from inside the shop. The main street gets really quiet after hours. My current view from my sewing machine, just doing some sewing and thinking.
A good friend passed a general comment on sampler quilts a couple weeks ago that had me thinking about my sampler quilt for the fabric club. I like to cover all my bases regarding any possible questions that may come up on a new project. This comment was "I am over Sampler quilts"  It was a statement I had not given much thought on earlier beside the fact you don't have to make the sampler quilt you can just collect the fabric.
Our Batik Fabric club is more than just fabric and a sampler quilt. Now who doesn't love receiving a parcel of fabric with a block pattern in the mail? 
I know I do, especially when it is a  themed surprise.
So when you join our 2015 Batik Rainbow Fabric Club, each month you receive 4 x 30cm (total of 1.2 metres) of colour themed batik fabrics, a block pattern and a quilt layout suggestion for that block. Plus exclusive discounts in our web shop on other purchases (e.g. free postage, free gifts, etc.) and charm square sample packs when new batik fabrics arrive free. So really you are starting  a batik fabric collection (or adding to one) and a block library with instructions and with 12 extra quilt layouts you are receive 13  possible quilts to make, even if you don't make them straight away or use different fabrics, it is up to you how you use the block patterns. I am sure there is many more quilt possibilities with 11 blocks collected over 2015. If this fabric club goes well, there may be more in the future to continue building your block library.
To join visit our shop Cynthia's Ark and purchase the Fabric Club it is on the homepage under New Products. First instalment will be dispatched early January 2015. Credit card orders preferred due to the ease of processing monthly orders.

 Don't forget we have our Batik Brights Thread Club starting December featuring Aurifil cotton threads especially picked to go with batik fabrics you can join. More details here if you are interested.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching
Spoiler Alert: A little teaser for you if you saw our round up from AMQ Festival there was one of the blocks featured in our fabric club display on the back wall if you want a sneak peak.

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