Thursday, November 19, 2020

Shutted Down!

 Here in South Australia we have been sent in to a 6 day lockdown due to a Covid -19 outbreak. We have been told to stay at home unless you have been deemed an essential worker. This means I have had to close the shop and cancelled this week's classes. Fingers crossed this will be enough to stop the spread. We have been lucky so far, though we lost classes earlier this year for a couple of months I could still open by appointment. Not this time, even my husband is off work, where last time his job was deemed essential. 

So we will see what happens. I have received 4 orders just in time, so I will have some orders to fill and new stock to find a home for in the shop. I can asuure you I will not be sitting around. I have 4 Quiltworx projects to tackle at different stages,  So sewing will be high on my To Do List.

I have arranged a Project Uninterrupted Zoom session for the Project Uninterrupted group. At least we can get together and sew to help us stay connected. 

This is the first project I am working on, my Clockworx project.

This is where I am at, sewing the block parts together.
I nearly got all the blocks together before dinner. Four blocks left to do but I had to stop to cook dinner.

These are all the blocks I have completed. Hopefully after some shop stuff Friday morning I will be back on this project. Though I will miss the Friday girls in the classroom. 

Until Next Time

Keep Calm and Keep Stitching


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QuiltShopGal said...

I have mixed feelings about your shut down. I'm truly sorry this is happening, but I'm also impressed with how your government is proactively handling it and your communities are supportive. In reality, a short shutdown will cause minimum pain if this can be brought under control quickly. And, with respect to what is happening in the US, you are far safer and less economically impacted. Our politicians/decision-makers are allowing this situation to continue to grow out of control. Enough of my negative sandbox. I love your blocks and the idea of how you are reaching out and using Zoom to pull quilters and friends together. Let the creativity flow "safely" and we will soon find 2020 in the rear view mirror with vaccines available to all who want them.