Friday, April 26, 2019

Mystery Maze

If you have visited the shop over the last 2 weeks you most likely have heard we are running the Mystery Maze Block of the Month program. If not here are the details.

The theme is Sew it to See It. It is a mystery so you won’t see the finished quilt until a year from now.
Signup fee is $45 and must be paid at the time of signing up.  Mail order participates will need to pay a once off $15 Postage charge on top of your $45 so you can receive your blocks in the mail.
Mystery Maze begins on the 24th May & 25th May in store with the first demo starting at 10am. Attending the demonstration is not mandatory. However you must come into the shop on the designated days and bring your completed block to pick up your next kit for the following month-Free of charge. After those dates there will be a $10 fee for the next block or if you don’t bring your completed block.  With that said you will be able to sit down while you are in store to finish the block before I give you your next block. I will also issue everyone 1 Get My Next Block Free Pass. So if something happens and you can’t collect your block on the Mystery Maze days, you will be able to use your pass once to get your next block free.    

 Don't live close enough to visit us monthly? You can still participate by emailing your completed block each month by the Demo Days and I will put your next block in the mail to you. You just need to pay a one off $15 extra to cover the postage for the whole program.

The quilt is an original design by Sue Daley created for this program.
Mystery Maze patterns are not meant to be shared with anyone who is not enrolled in the program. They are copyrighted and will be published as a purchasable pattern at the end of the program.
There will be time when you need to pay $10 and they are:
You do not complete your block from the previous month.
You send someone to pick up your block
You can’t make Mystery Maze demo day
You don’t bring your completed block to show us on the demo day.
The program is designed as a skill builder where you will be introduced to tools and products that make sewing the blocks easier while you learn and perfect several different piecing and applique techniques. There will be times throughout the year that you may want to purchase tools to aid you while you sew this mystery quilt. This is optional.
There are limited places available for this program so contact the shop asap to sign up or visit my website to sign up. ( On the website it will be  listed at $51 instead of $45 as I have a set shipping rate of $ 9. So the program is $45 +$15 post = $60, on the website it will be $51 + $9 post = $60) No matter what you will not be charged more than $60.
We hope you will join us on this adventure.
 PS There is a clue to the fabrics in the logo. Shhh! Don't tell anyone.

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