Sunday, September 10, 2017

Piping and Zipper Cushion Workshop

On Saturday we ran our Piping and Zipper cushion Workshop for the second time. We are looking at teaching people different techniques with a range of projects in our Expand You Knowledge workshops. This one is beginner's workshop so if you only have some basic sewing knowledge this one is perfect for you. In this one we are focused on learning how to make piping and insert a zip in a cushion.
Theses are the shop sample cushions.

This time I actually got to sit in the class myself. The first time we ran the class it was full, this time there was a spot if I was free. I wanted to learn how to make piping. It doesn't hurt for me to expand my knowledge too.
We all had fun learning these techniques and we finished one cushion each easily in the allocated time. As Pat  had made a couple of beautiful applique panels for her cushion fronts, she had a head start allowing her to finish both her cushions.
 The aim of the workshop is to learn the two techniques and finish one cushion in the one day workshop with the kit having enough fabric to make 2 cushions. That way if you finish earlier you can continue on the second one, as we did. We nearly finished the second cushion. It won't take long to finish them at home.
Really you need a pair of cushions.
Here are the finished cushions.
Now if you are interested in do this workshop or want to see what else we have on offer pop over to the workshop page and have a look. New workshops are being added all the time and I am open to suggestions for future workshops.

Now the benefit of me being the shop owner allows me to stay and keep sewing if I choose, which is what I did and I only had to sew the front and back together to finish my second cushion.
   Here are my pair.

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Keep Stitching 

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AlidaP said...

It looks like a very fun technique! Your pillows look beautiful, thanks for sharing!!