Sunday, June 11, 2017

What has been happening around here?

The last three days I have been busy with the Salisbury Craft and Hobby Fair. We are at the end of day two and there is one more to go. There is a lot of work that goes into participating in an event like this and 80% of the work is behind the scenes.
Now being away from shop is hard because you can't take everything, so I do try to take a selection and ask if there is any special requests to bring along. There is always something I miss but that is generally the least of my problems. 
 Also there isn't much time for sewing but I do try to work my demos around something I am working on so even if I only get 5 minutes here and there I still get to make some progress on a project. So what was I working on, applecores for the shop sample of Sue Daley's Travel Companion using Sue's Bittersweet fabric range. By the end of day two I have finished the applecores panel and have appliqued to the background fabric.
So now to pin it and quilt the panel before finishing it. So tomorrow I will need another shape to feature in my English paper piecing demonstration.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching
PS More on the fair tomorrow.

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Yanicka said...

I hope the experience is enjoyable. We are leaving tomorrow for the Toronto QuiltCon where I have a booth and thank for my honey because there was a mountain of work to do in the last week to be ready.