Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Another Sewing Machine.

That's right I have added another sewing machine over the weekend. My husband came across it in one of his buy, sell give away  groups that he is a member of. A very nice looking White treadle machine which means I now have three in my collection.It looked in good  condition from the front of the machine but there is some rust on the back.

Now the research starts and almost straight away things got interesting. I couldn't find any picture of a White sewing machine with these decals. A post in a Vintage Sewing machine group helped me out and I discovered the decal on my machine were Franklin decals with the White brand name in the place instead of Franklin. So it looks like this machine was on the production line when the White's Sewing Company brought out Domestic Sewing Machine Co and they just finished the machine off with their name. This does help with the ageing of the machine too, which with this information dated it to 1924.

I would like to use one of my treadle sewing machines but which one I'm not sure at the moment. This new one does need to be cleaned up and I think would make a nice display piece in my shop. Maybe I should look at using the one I received from my grandmother as it is younger and from what I can tell only needs an oiling and a new belt to get it going.

I don't think I need another treadle machine but you never know what I might find in my search for the one machine I would like in my collection (the Singer Featherweight) at a reasonable price.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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