Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Can I have some time out please?

I need some time out for some sewing. I hope there will be a block of free time for sewing some but at the moment it doesn't look too promising. No time for the rest of this week at least. I am going to have to make do with hand stitching in the meantime. In among all this busy time I have been working on 2 projects. The first one is a shop sample of Sue Daley's Travel Companion which I have English paper pieced the feature panel, appliqued on to the background fabric so now it is ready for the quilting step which is done by hand but I am wondering about machine quilting the background. You know that mean I have come to a stop on this one for the moment.

The second project is my Pemberley quilt which has been put aside as I had enough of the needle turn applique. I need to do some EPP demo at the Salisbury fair this last weekend so I decide to skip to the chubby dresden border and start on that. That way I will see some progress on that project.

The only thing is I now need to work out a little demo/ project using chubby dresdens for a group of ladies who are planning a visit to the shop and want a little more than shopping. So I will have to select some fabric and work something out while I stitch more half flowers for my Pemberley quilt.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching
PS May next time I will be posting around a session on the machine. Fingers Crossed.

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