Friday, January 13, 2017

Under the Pressure Foot # 26

I had to go back to my day job on the 3rd of January, so after two weeks of  being back I have realised that I have hardly done any sewing, if any. When was the last time I sat at my machine. I know I cut the binding strips for my Victorian Fling quilt, but they are still hanging over the back of my chair. Plus I noticed because I haven't had any sewing time I have not shared a lot here.

Now if my sewing station is looking like this, it means I was not sewing any quilting projects last time I was here. A set of block out curtains were made for a friend and my LSH(long suffering husband- that is what he claims) work pants were repaired. Not what I wanted to be sewing.
You can see my quarter inch foot is not on my machine and the fact my extension table is in its place confirms my suspicion that I haven't sewn anything interesting lately. 

 I have cut some fabric for a test block which I need to make 30 of as part of a  signature block swap I am participating in. They need to be finished by the end of January for me to get them in the post so they arrive on time at their destination.
I wonder what the block will be. This doesn't tell you much. I am wondering should  I make them all from the same fabrics or do I make some a different colourway. Hopefully you will find out by the end of the weekend what block I have chosen.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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