Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Morning Out while the Car was Serviced

It is always busy here. Half the time I wonder what job to do first. There is a number of jobs lined up on the counter to be completed.

The big job today was to take my car in for her service. Now that is a 40 minute drive to Tanunda for that and half a day away from those jobs needing to be done.
 We come in to Tanunda through archway when we visit. It is a grand entrance and generally if you are coming from Adelaide to Tanunda most of the time you would enter this way.
This archway is at the other end of the main street. I can tell you these two pictures came from the internet as I could not take these shots while driving or standing on the road to take the second shot as it was way busier then this picture.

Now Tanunda is a beautiful town in the Barossa Valley. I have been do a great Christmas fair in November there for over 10 years now but  haven't had much time to look around the town as the fair takes the whole day up. So this was the perfect opportunity to look around.

No quilt shops in town but a great book shop, cafes, furniture, food and more on offer including a couple antique/second hand shops to potter around in. This is what I found in one of the antique shops.

 A well used Husqvarna hand cranked sewing machine, the cover was a little beaten up, but not as bad as the Singer 99K cover that I bought late last year.( The Singer machine was in excellent shape compared to her cover.)
 It was the only machine they have, admittedly I don't have a Husqvarna in my collection and I was tempted but not without more information so she didn't come home with me on this trip. That is not to say they if she is still there next time I visit, she may come home if my research proves she is worth it.. We saw a number of items that were over priced for what they were and their condition. I think if the sewing machine had been under the $100 she would of come home with me.

Who know I am taking the attitude if it is still there next time I visit it was meant for me.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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